Let You Know Where I Bought Everland Ticket (feat. Funtastic Korea)

Hy!!! How are you????

The weather colder day by day, so take care yourself! (:

I know~ you are know well about me that i love to go to amusement park! Yeah/! Amusement park is my partner, my love, my everything, my place to search idea for writing my scenario, my short story, or maybe for write novel!!! I can refresh my mind in there ♥♥♥

Not only my place to refresh my mind... As you know, i have private travel agency that have schedule to go to Everland.

In this time, i will let you know where I always buy ticket if i go to Everland (:

(I like Everland's garden flower. Not only T Express, garden flower make my brain being full!!! ♥♥)

Okay back to laptop!!!

I always buy Everland tickets at Funtastic Korea (just click and you will go to their website).

Or maybe you can go to google and search 'Funtastic Korea'.

For next you can follow in images bellow (:

After you go to google and search Funtastic Korea then go to the website!

(Note: as you know, i have a full time schedule. Not only My Own Backpacker Tour&Travel, i also a editor and designer in Korea Production House. So, i made my reservation by phone. Funtastic Korea website on PC Version is as easy as mobile version ^^ ♥ )

Ok then, plz Search 'Everland' to get information about ticket prices

After that, in under you can see the green line. You can click that

And you will find this table bellow! Dont forget to click your visit periode to decide the prices.

Dont forget to choice about tickets. You will buy for adult or for child (:

In this cart, you can find the money that you must pay to Funtastic Korea.

Dont forget to input your information ^^

After that, dont forget to choice 'how to you make your payment'. You will make payment by Paypal Or Credit Card. And if you are foreigner who living in korea, you can make payment by transfer via korean account bank (:

After you decide. You will find this! Funtastic Korea's bank account (:

And dont forget to click 'PAY NOW' and the email about your reservation.

Dont forget to make your payment to get your tickets, Culimeyers! ^^

So easy right?! So.... Don't wait any time again!!! Just go to Funtastic Korea website, and make your reservation ♥♥♥

Happy holiday ganks! ♥

If you buy ticket on the spot, maybe you will get expensive price. Why??? Cz....


So i really recommend you about funtastic korea!!

Okay, i will back again in other day ♥

Enjoy your day,Enjoy Your diet. Cause veautiful is need to war!

Last but not really last

Xoxo and Annyeooong ♥♥♥


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